Annie Keller's Story

I have no real idea where my love of cars came from, my best guess is the Love Bug movies when I was a small kid. I had tons of hot wheels and die-cast cars and a even a car-themed birthday cake, so my love of the automobile was pretty solidified by the age of 3. I’m not quite sure what got me to love quirky and weird cars specifically, but my mom and dad both drove old Volvo 940 wagons when I was growing up which might have contributed!

In 2012, on vacation in Arizona, I saw a Toyota Previa, and after researching its quirks it quickly became my very favorite weird car. It’s still a goal of mine to own one someday, but for now I have my Artlines shirt to show my love for egg-shaped minivans!



Doug DeMuro with an Audi RS2 t-shirt
Ferrari 360 Spider and Ferrari 360 Spider T-shirt
Porsche GT3 T-shirt at Porsche meetup
Home office with multiple car evolution posters
Audi RS4 Avant & Fiat 500 Classic
Doug DeMuro with Pagani Huayra
Porsche 911 Evolution t-shirt