Top 10 Best Selling Sports Cars Under $100K

I decided it would be a fun time to add another infographic to the website. This time straying away from (although I still love you) Doug DeMuro and finding my way to sales statistics. This time it's the Top 10 best selling sports cars under 100k dollars in the US domestic market. To no ones surprise the big three are right at the top with the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger. And they lead the list by a big margin. Together they make up for almost five times the rest of the cars combined.

To my surprise as a European the Hyundai Veloster is number four. Another interesting thing I noticed is there are two twins in this list. Notably the Mazda MX-5/Fiat 124 and the BMW Z4/Toyota Supra. V8's are heading out with Inline-4 engines leading this list. BMW and Toyota keep two spots reserved for their Inline-6's.

Which cars do you like best on this list? Do you think any cars deserve a spot? Or a spot higher on the list? Or do you feel like some of these cars are truly underserving? Feel free to comment and discuss! Let me know if you spot any errors or if you have any ideas for future infographic. You can e-mail me at Or head to the contact form.

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