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THIS is the DougScore top 50

I decided it would be fun to make this infographic of the top 50 cars based on the DougScore created by the Youtuber Doug DeMuro. I think it is interesting to see what cars come out on top, and the amount of German cars and V8's. The Kia Stinger GT is really the oddball in this list as the only South Korean car and has a high DougScore compared to it's price. The  Tesla Model X is another as the only electric car making it to the top 50. The Bugatti Chiron is the winner at a DougScore of 73, but costing $3,000,000.

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I am planning on making the top 50 worst cars, look forward to that showing up here!

DougScore Top 50 Cars Infographic

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The 1994 McLaren F1 has the highest DougScore as of now, at 74.


Thanks, Rhonda! You get a LeeScore of 100/100 from me! :)

Lee Rhonda

The 2018 Kia Stinger DougScore is actually 67, not 66.

Rhonda Lee

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