The Artlines Design World Map

The Artlines Design World Map

Artlines Design World Map with order locations

I started Artlines Design about four years ago. Driven by my love for cars and simple, clean designs. The catalogue has grown from around 250 cars to over 900 cars currently, and is growing all the time thanks to your requests.

To this day it humbles me that car enthusiasts all over the world show their passion for cars through my designs. Imagining my shirts exists in places all over the USA and countries like Japan, Australia, even Malaysia and many more blows my mind and brings me immense joy.

To visualize how amazing this is to me I made a world map that includes the city of every order from the start of Artlines Design up to about a month ago. I'm not sure how much people will be interested in seeing this, but for myself it is such a crazy sight seeing how from my laptop I can bring products into the world that are enjoyed by people all over the world. 

I hope to reach many more people in the future, hear their stories and be shown their passion of cars.

Base map by Freepik. 

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