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FAQ Page is now live!

To make sure that you are well informed about Artlines Design, its products and everything around it I've created a FAQ page including Frequently Asked Questions, Product information and Infrequently Asked Questions. What you'll find is information about shipping, payment, e-mail marketing, product specifications, an about section and more.


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We are interested in your products and will contact you.
I am the manager of the “carmuseumworldwide” account you contacted yesterday via your instagram.

instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/carmuseumworldwide/
facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/carmuseumworldwide/

I want to make a cell phone case using your design.
Can I find out about the design license fee?

While looking at your homepage
If you want to enter the online market in Korea, I think you might want to enter it through me.

I am running Facebook and Instagram for cars
I asked our fans last night about your design.
There was a very good response.

to sum it up

1. Design License Fees
- Available for cell phone case
I do not have a lot of initial capital and want to share revenue per cellphone case sale.

2. Want to enter the Korean online market

Let me wait for your answer to two things.

Earl Chun

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