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BMW Shatters World Records

BMW just shattered two drifting world records. Using the F90 M5 BMW drivers drifted around a wet course for - wait for it - 8 hours continuously racking up 232.5 miles. But that's not even the craziest thing about it. You might be thinking to yourself, how does a car drift for 8 hours straight?

Well, BMW has gone full crazy and used a previous generation (F10) M5 to refuel the F90 M5 five times side to side during the drift. When the new M5 was getting low on fuel, the F10 crew would gear up and drift up to the circuit, then they would get as close to the F90 as possible, coordinating the whole thing driver to driver. The refueller guy would then - sticking out the rear window the whole time - use the fuel nozzle to connect to the F90. This is the first time that anyone has refueled a car mid drift and BMW had to engineer the whole mechanism from scratch. 

The previous record was set by South African motoring journalist Jesse Adams using 2017 Toyota GT86 drifting a total of 165.04 KM. 

Watch the video here: Cool drifting video by BMW


BMW Shatters 2 drifting world records for the longest continuous drift.

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