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About Ryan Kroodsma

Young me and me now

The ignition

Since I have been little I have always loved cars and was able to tell apart every model from each other. Formula 1 during the weekend, racing games during the day and draw my fantasy dream cars. In addittion to this, I would get car model kits for my birthday to put together. From which I have vivid memories of putting together a Porsche 911 GT1, Audi R18, Jaguar XJ220 among others.
These days I can't sit near windows when I have to do anything productive because I will be distracted by every car that drives past. These questions might sound familiar to you if you are or are close to a car enthusiast: needing to know what brand it is, what model, the color, the wheels, what trim, who is driving this car, is is theirs, how much horsepower does it have, are they a car enthusiast too?
While studying to become a graphic designer, I started to gain an increasing interest in drawing cars, and I have since drawn over 500 cars with a growing inventory. My goal is to make sure that every type of car enthusiast can find something, whether it be a t-shirt, poster or mug on here that he or she loves and gains happiness from.

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